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Sell Jewelry Beverly Hills

Do you want to sell jewelry Beverly Hills? If you do, there is only one place to go, Revere Jewels.  Our headquarters is in Beverly Hills, California.  Call us to schedule an appointment or if you cannot make it to our office you can  ship your jewelry to us using fully insured overnight service.  Unlike pawn shops, Revere Jewels employs only expert appraisers, specializing in high end jewelry. With expert appraisers, you will be working with professionals who know exactly what your jewelry is worth, and consequently, are better prepared to be able to make a fair offer.   Even if we cannot buy your jewelry for the price you want, Revere Jewels buyers will also give you advice about how to sell your jewelry on Ebay or by consignment.  We have an  A+ rating with the BBB because we pay fair prices and we give honest appraisals and good advice to everyone.

Fill out this form and we will give you an appraisal of its worth within hours.

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