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Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds in AnaheimWhy you see “cash for gold” shops everywhere, but not “sell diamonds” shops? The answer is simply this: it takes a trained eye to accurately evaluate the worth of a diamond, whereas it takes a scale and a calculator to determine gold weight and value. Why, then, would you want to sell diamonds to your local pawn shop? Especially if your particular diamonds have a distinct value? Don’t sell diamonds to just anybody – talk to the professionals. As professional diamond and jewelry buyers, Revere Jewels knows how to accurately appraise your diamonds and will give you a legitimate bid. Why risk losing thousands of dollars on an inaccurate appraisal, when working with Revere Jewels will give you the best value for your diamonds, and makes the process simple and easy? Just ship your jewelry via federally insured mail so our appraisers can inspect your diamonds, and then call you with a bid. If you don’t like it, they’ll ship it back to you! What do you have to lose?