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Sell Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is an investment, and when you want to sell fine jewelry, and cash in on your investment, you want to work with a jewelry buyer who will give you the maximum return rate. In jewelry terms, you want a jewelry buyer who will compensate you not just for your gold, but also for your diamonds, or other precious stones. Keep in mind that this applies only to high end gems (the small ones are likely worth less than you think) but there is a definite value attached to worthwhile gems that you don’t want ignored when it comes time to sell fine jewelry. So where do you go? With most jewelry buyers offering you scrap gold prices regardless, remember that when it’s time to sell fine jewelry, Revere Jewels will take into consideration the 6 carat diamond mounted in that gold. And when the difference in return can be in the thousands, there is really no reason to look anywhere else.