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Jewelry Buyers

Sell Your JewelryRevere Jewels are high end jewelry buyers who specialize in the expert evaluation and appraisal of exclusive, rare, and unique jewelry. For those who possess items of this caliber, there are very few secure and discreet jewelry buyers available to relieve them of their unwanted jewelry. With most jewelry buyers, clients have to travel to their location, be it a pawn shop, jewelry exchange outlet, or otherwise; with Revere Jewels, clients have the option of securely mailing their artifacts, or in some cases, have an expert appraiser travel to their personal residence for a more relaxed, comfortable transaction. What is more, appraisers at Revere Jewels are experienced in the purchase and sale of precious items, and appraise jewels as well as gold-a distinction rarely considered at all-encompassing pawn shops and the like. In addition, as specialty buyers of fine jewelry, clients obtain maximum reimbursement in the sale of their treasures.