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Selling Antique Jewelry with Experienced Professionals

selling antique jewelrySelling antique jewelry for a profit is something everyone can do thanks to Revere Jewels fast and easy online process. Selling antique jewelry will be as hard as you make it out to me. Usually the term antique jewelry refers to jewelry that is seventy years or older. This means that jewelry which is not over seventy years old is not considered antique by most people. Now the question comes in to play of where do you want to sell your jewelry? Many times a good price is the target goal. A few other factors can also influence the overall decision. The value of the jewelry is valued differently at places. At a pawn shop not much consideration is taken into account of the stlye, brand, and craftsmanship. What are taken into consideration are the scrap metal price and the intrinsic value. While at Revere Jewels the whole jewel is thoroughly evaluated and everything is taken into account when you are selling antique jewelry. So see how easy it is by filling out our free contact form if you are interested in selling antique jewelry yourself!