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Sell Engagement Rings Accurately

Sell Engagement RingTrying to sell engagement rings can be a difficult process. Many times when you want to sell engagement rings there can be past history or some type of sentimental value. Good or bad you deserve to get a fair deal for the ring. Engagement rings are known to have a few different styles, designs, and settings. The six-prong solitaire variation is known to include engraved designs and carves on the band. There are also ways that may enhance the center of the ring so the apparent size looks bigger than it actually is. Antique styles are popular today as they were in the past too. Revere Jewels takes all of these and other factors into consideration when appraising an engagement ring. With trained professionals an accurate result and number can be given to you. Appraisals can be done for free by contacting Revere Jewels. When you want to sell engagement rings don’t choose any old place.