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Wondering Where to Sell Engagement Rings? Try Revere Jewels

sell engagement ringsRevere Jewels is one of the most prominent buyers of jewelry.  If you’re wondering where to sell an engagement ring you have found the right article.  When looking where to sell engagement rings there are a few factors you need to consider.  With the economy, prices for diamonds have also decreased in some cases up to 20%.  Prices are predicted to drop even further; this means now is the right time to sell.  If you choose Revere Jewels we will not melt down your ring for scrap; however, most other jewelry buyers will because it is often difficult to re-sell an engagement ring to a couple looking to get married.  In the couples eyes the ring holds bad karma.  If you do choose to sell an engagement ring make sure you include any diamond certification papers.  With the papers you are more likely to get a better price.  Also include any bridal jewelry that relates to the ring itself.  Matching sets can always bring in more money.  These are just a few tips to help you decide if when and where to sell engagement rings.  Should you choose to sell, make sure you do your research on the ring itself and the jewelry buyer!  If you would like to learn more about Revere Jewels and our practices, visit our website.