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Sell my Jewelry to Revere Jewels

Sell Jewelry I needed to sell my jewelry and fast! Revere Jewels made it quick, easy and risk free to do just that.  I had to sell my jewelry so that I could pay off the hospital bill from giving birth to my 2 month old twins.  My mother was there to help by suggesting Revere Jewels.

Revere Jewels is located in Los Angles but I live in New York.  I contacted Avida at Revere Jewels was informed that I could set up shipping via FedEx to sell my jewelry.  I was also informed that my jewelry would be appraised based on its style, designer, and age.  If the jewelry had diamonds they would examine the jewelry based on its cut, color and clarity.  This made it easy to sell my jewelry.  In fact Revere Jewels offering me twice the amount of the hospital bill made it easy for me to sell my jewelry.

Don’t just take my word for it, give Revere Jewels a try.  Go online today and try their easy step by step appraisal set up.  Live chat is offered 24/7 to assist you.  If it was easy for me to sell jewelry and it will be easy for you too!