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Revere makes it easy to sell fine jewelry

Sell JewelryRevere makes it easy to sell fine jewelry! Over the years I had gained a grand collection of fine jewelry that I simply just did not wear.  I am a little boring and wear the same necklace, watch and earrings day and day out.  The rest of my fine jewelry was cluttered away in the back of my dresser drawer and jewelry box.  I needed a way to clean up and remove my extra fine jewelry.  That is when it was suggested that I sell my fine jewelry.  My friends knew of the best place for me to sell fine jewelry, and that was Revere Jewels.

Revere Jewels was the best option for me to sell fine jewelry that was only cluttering up my drawer.  Revere Jewels is easly located in the LA area and allowed me to come in for a free appraisal of each piece of fine jewelry I was wanting sell.  Revere Jewels then offered me over $2,000 dollars for me to sell fine jewelry that I never wear.  They even told me that if my collection were to grow again, Revere Jewels will set up shipping of my jewelry via FedEx to make it easy to sell my fine jewelry.

I could not be happy and drawers now have so much more room.  I know that I will be contacting Revere Jewels again when I need to sell fine jewelry.  Give them a try yourself and call today.  Or simply visit Revere Jewels online to sell your fine jewelry.