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Jewelry Buyers who treat you Right

jewlery buyersI choose Revere Jewels as my Jewelry Buyer, not because they offer the most money, but because they care.  When I made the decision to sell my jewelry online I was disheartened because I assumed they all simply melt down the pieces to sell as scrap.  I had some very nice pieces left to me from my grandmother and I hated the fact that I had to sell them.  They are very gorgeous pieces; however, I needed the money.  I began to look for Jewelry Buyers.  I came across Revere Jewels and began to read about their buyer’s terms.  It turns out that this jewelry buyer does not melt down their pieces.  I was ecstatic to learn that they re-sell the pieces as is.  I could now feel better about selling my grandmothers old jewelry knowing that they would be loved and cared for, not melted down for scrap.  If you want a jewelry buyer who cares about uniqueness and quality of jewelry, choose Revere Jewels!