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I wanted to Sell my Jewelry, Revere was there

Sell JewelryTo be honest, when I wanted to sell my jewelry I just planned on selling it to the first place I went. I thought that all places just melted down jewelry and so I was only made an offer based on weight. Assuming all of the scales are the same at jewelers, I thought I would get the same price everywhere. This could not have been further from the truth. I found this out quickly when I was going to sell my jewelry. When I went to sell my jewelry I got lucky, I found Revere. I was able to sell my jewelry, and learn a lot in the process. Revere taught me that not all jewelers melt down jewelry, and this means that offers can vary widely. I was able to get so much more money that I thought when I went to Revere Jewels and the customer service was amazing. I will never go anywhere other than Revere to sell my jewelry in the future.