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Can I Sell Antique Jewelry to a Jeweler?

Sell Antique JewelryI wanted to sell antique jewelry, but I did not know if I had to sell it to an antique shop or if I could sell it to a jeweler. I was not confident that someone who dealt with antiques would know the value of the actual stones and metals in the piece. On the flip side I was not confident that a jeweler would know the intricacies of the antique market and be able to give an accurate offer. I did not know where to sell antique jewelry. I found that I should sell antique jewelry to a jeweler with experience. To sell antique jewelry is more complex than other sales, and you need a professional. I was lucky enough to find Revere Jewels when I sold my jewelry. There I was able to find the expertise that I needed in both fields. I was able to sell antique jewelry to Revere Jewels with total confidence.