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Sell Diamonds for Best Prices

I was looking to sell diamonds, but have been putting it off for a few years.  I was waiting until I knew I could get the best price possible.  The prices that you can get for diamonds now is higher than it has been since I have been paying attention: about 10 years.  I knew that now was the time to sell diamonds for me.  When I went to sell diamonds I found Revere Jewels.  There I could sell diamonds with confidence.  I knew right away that this was the place for me when I saw that they loved my diamonds as much as I did.  I do not mean that they saw dollar signs in their eyes, I mean they seems to genuinely love my diamonds as much as I did.  They saw all of the little details that I did not notice of years of wearing them.  They made me the best offer of any place I went.  If you are looking to sell diamonds then you should go to Revere Jewels, you will not be disappointed.