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Sell Diamonds, it is the Smart Move

I was sitting around the other day and realized that this economic downturn has really benefitted the price of jewels, so I thought I should sell diamonds now.  The more I looked into this idea the smarter the idea started to sound.  Here I was in a time when my money was seemingly worth less, but the old diamonds that I just let sit in the jewelry box was worth more.  I was getting no use out of it, so I thought I could at least find out how much I could get if I decided to sell diamonds.  I found Revere Jewels and went in not to sell diamonds, but to see how much I could get it I decided to sell the diamonds.  They gave me the best customer service I have found anywhere.  They gave me an obligation-free assessment that was much higher than any other place.  With the best service and the best prices it was not hard to choose Revere Jewels to sell diamonds to.