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Revere Helps you Sell Diamonds

53424-tb-e4104-wAt Revere Jewels we know it is a difficult process to sell diamonds.  Not only are you worried about getting scammed or short changed on the transaction, but you are letting go of a diamond that has undoubtedly served an important role in your life.  When you are making the choice to sell diamonds you want to be sure that who you sell diamonds to knows the value of your diamonds, not just on the market, but to you.  We make it comfortable to sell diamonds.

At Revere Jewels we know the value of your diamonds like no one else.  We deal with your pieces with the utmost of care and integrity.  There is no melting down of jewelry to access its value.  We look at the value of jewelry for what it is taking into account design, setting, cut, clarity and carat.  There is no guesswork and we are sure to give you the best price you can find anywhere around.  All of this and with the peace of mind that can only be offered by an institution of supreme integrity like Revere Jewels.  If you are going to sell diamonds, see them with this peace of mind.