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Selling A Rolex can be Hard

esq-07-oyster-perpetual-gmt-master-rolex-1012-mdnThere is a lot of sentimental value in a watch, a Rolex especially.  At Revere Jewels we understand that it can be difficult to part with such a masterpiece of craftsmanship.  Furthermore, we know that the attachment you have to the watch makes the process all the harder.  You do not want to send a treasured possession to someone who does not know the jewelry business, and someone who does not appreciate the quality of your Rolex the way you do.  At Revere Jewels we appreciate the attachment you have to your items, and we appreciate the beauty, quality and worth of your fine jewelry.

We have created a trusted process for selling treasured items like Rolex watches.  Rolex is one of the many brands that we can access and buy from you for a price that is the best in the business.  We see a piece of jewelry, not a hung of precious metals and jewels.  We take all facets of your piece into consideration before we make an offer.  We do not melt down your jewelry, we buy your jewelry.  If you are selling a Rolex watch, there is no better place than Revere Jewels.