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Need to find gem buyers? Revere Jewels is here for the job.

Have you found yourself ever saying at least once “I hate the color of my birthstone, it is so ugly?” Our gem buyers know not all birthstones are gems, but when it comes to wanting sell your gem Revere Jewels has buyers who there to help.  Our gem buyers promise to get you top dollar.  Pawnshops and fine jewelers can’t do that, trust us.

We make it easy for you when selling your gems is the way to go. Live in Los Angeles, call to set up an appraisal with our gem buyers.  Live anywhere else in the US; that is ok.  We will assist you by setting up shipping of the gems you are selling via FedEx. Our gem buyers will start assessing right away. To us the best selling gems are not based on the color or the month they represent but on the condition they are in.  When appraising the gems you are selling, our experts examine your gems based on years of knowledge and experience using based on design, age and its maker. Trust us the price of your gems will surprise you.

You’re not stuck with your gem of a birth stone forever, gem buyers at Revere Jewels are here to help, so let us. Start to sell your gems today and upgrade to something you love.  Our online guide to set up your appraisal is easy to use and we offer live chat 24/7.  Or just give us a call today at 1-888-619-7932.  Glamorous or not our gem buyers can get you cash on the spot.