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Don’t be afraid to sell online, sell to Revere Jewels online.

Have you tried to sell diamonds online before but somehow things went terribly wrong? Next thing you knew you were not only out of cash but out of a piece of diamond jewelry. To sell your diamonds online shouldn’t be a scary thing to do.  Here at Revere Jewels we believe this and are here to make the process easy on you.  We will get you the cash you deserve fast. E-bay won’t tell you to sell for what we can offer, we grantee it.

Visit us online at our website reverejewels.com.  The website is easy to follow and reassuring that when you sell diamonds online with Revere Jewels you’re in good hands. The appraisal set up is easy to follow with our step by step guide.  If you are unable to bring your diamonds into our Los Angeles office we will help you set up shipping of your jewelry online via FedEx no matter where you live.  We grantee that we can offer the most for your diamonds. It is our promise the care for your diamonds as if they were our own.

When it comes to diamonds we know that clarity, color and cut all matter. That is why our diamond buyers will appraise your jewelry based on its age, design, maker and style of setting.  We will not melt down your diamond jewelry like other buyers.  To sell your diamonds online has never been more easy and trust worthy. Hop online and sell your diamonds today.