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Revere Jewels gave me cash to sell my Fred of Paris

Revere Jewels was a life saver when I needed to sell my Fred of Paris. Recently my husband and I stumbled upon an unexpected medical bill.   We needed to get cash and fast.  That is when we came up with the idea to sell my Fred of Paris Jewelry that I was no longer wearing to Revere Jewels.  I happened to stumble upon their website when searching for a place to sell my Fred of Paris jewelry. Revere Jewels website was easy to navigate and made it simple to set up an appraisal with their step by step guide.  There was even a live chat customer service option available to answer any of my questions or concerns in order for me to sell my Fred of Paris.

When it came to sell my Fred of Paris, I was able to read online and was reassured by one of their appraisers over the phone that to sell my Fred of Paris jewelry it would be examined based on its style, design and age.  If the piece I was selling had diamonds, they took into count its cut, color and clarity to get me the most for my money.  Unlike other pawnshops my jewelry would not be melted down for its worth. Revere Jewels gave me the peace of mind I needed when I knew I needed to sell my Fred of Paris jewelry.

Now my families medical bills are paid and we even have extra cash left over that we set aside for a rainy day’s trip to Fred of Paris.  I am glad I chose to sell my Fred of Paris to Revere Jewels.  Call Revere Jewels today at 1-888-619-7932 or visit them for yourself online at reverejewels.com. De-clutter your jewelry box and get money for doing it.