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Selling Estate Jewelry to Revere Jewels for Top Dollar

Selling Estate JewelryAfter selling estate jewelry to Revere Jewels, I got a surprising amount of money and my estate jewelry and I was treated with care and concern. A few years ago my grandmother passed away and I ended up inheriting all of her estate jewelry. I love my grandma but I had no need for all of this jewelry when my husband had been spoiling me over the years. Now my jewelry box is over flowing and my ideas of what to do were leaving me feeling quite the opposite. That’s when I went online and found Revere Jewels to sell the estate jewelry of my grandma. I am so glad I found them, because they were able to offer me top dollar and treated me like I was one of their family too, and not just another run of the mill customer.
I was able to take my estate jewelry into their Los Angeles office where their expert estate jewelry buyers walked me through their obligation free examination and buying process. They appraised my estate jewelry based on its age, design, style and maker. Based on years of experience and knowledge they are able to find the best value for any type of jewelry making it easy to sell estate jewelry to Revere Jewels. They offered me $5,000 for selling gems, diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I knew I made the right choice in selling estate jewelry to Revere Jewels!
We could not believe how easy it was selling estate jewelry and choosing Revere Jewels for selling estate jewelry was a smart choice because of the care we got and the rapid payment of money for the estate jewelry. I love my husband, but I may need to sell some of diamonds and rubies he is given me as well for some more money! Maybe my grandma knew best to leave me her estate jewelry and I know she would understand me selling her estate jewelry. Give Revere Jewels a try for yourself. Call today at 1-888-619-7932 or set up an appraisal online using their easy set up guide and live chat.