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Sell Antique Jewelry Confidently with Revere Jewels

vintage_antique_ringsFor years I have been telling myself to sell antique jewelry that has been piling up in my jewelry box. There are some old diamond ear rings and pearl necklaces I never wear that were passed down to my by some family members I have never met. Only thing was I didn’t want to go to a pawn shop to discard them and I knew if I tried to sell my jewelry on Ebay or Craigslist I wouldn’t make a ton. That’s when I discovered Revere Jewels, who is a top buyer of antiqe jewelry! I could get a free assessment and they offered me top dollar for my antique jewelry that I wanted to sell! So much for being worried about who and where to sell to!
Revere Jewels made the process to sell my antique jewelry fast, easy and convenient. I live in Los Angeles, so all I had to do was call and set up an appointment to have my antique jewelry appraised. If I didn’t live close by, I could’ve just shipped my jewelry to them, and they pay shipping costs too. Revere Jewels makes it easy for anyone to sell their jewelry, and I did without even knowing what to expect. I don’t want to give away how much I got, but it definitely helped me with some mortgage payments for a few months!
Let your unworn antique jewelry from years ago live a new life! Sell antique jewelry to Revere Jewels for the best price you will find to sell antique jewelry. I am so glad I could sell antique jewelry with Revere Jewels and that it was so easy to do. Craigslist, Ebay, and pawn shops could never have gotten me the money I got from Revere Jewels. So when you need to sell high end jewelry, sell an engagement ring, or sell any of your old antique jewelry, make the smart choice and check out Revere Jewels like I did!