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Sell Engagement Rings Online or Personally with Revere Jewels

There are all kinds of reasons why you would sell engagement rings. Were you crazy in love and bought a ring, but decided it’s not the right ring for her? Now you know you found the ring that will make her sing, but need to sell a few engagement rings first? Revere Jewels is here to help by offering top dollar for any engagement rings you sell so you can buy the perfect one. We make it fast, easy, and comforting for you to sell engagement rings online or in person.

Revere Jewels will give you a free appraisal either in our Los Angeles offices, arrange for you to ship your engagement rings to sell to us, or even meet you at your home in person in certain cases. If her heart was set on Grandma’s engagement ring, and now you need to quickly sell engagement rings for the wedding, you can sell engagement rings with Revere Jewels! To get started right away and begin to sell engagement rings, sell diamond rings, or sell high end jewelry with Revere Jewels, fill out our contact form online for an initial appraisal or call 1-888-619-7932. You can set up an assessment in our store, over FedEx, or in person to sell engagement rings that you have.

You can feel confident selling with the best buyer of engagement rings and all other high end jewelry with Revere Jewels. Whenever and for whatever reason you need to sell engagement rings, you can do so with the speed, accuracy, and privacy you deserve. Contact our master appraisals at Revere Jewels today!