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I want to Sell My Engagement Ring

We hear this all the time. Things just did not work out and now it’s time to move on. The jewelry store wont take the ring back and selling it should be easy. If you want to sell your engagement ring, the way to get top money is to sell it to the leaders in gem buying, Revere Jewels.

The process is so simple. First thing to do is to contact us using the form on the website. We will have an expert appraiser call you and go over your valuable and talk to you about the money you can get. You will need to send it to us and we have many secure ways to do just that. Of course, you could just come right in to our location if you desire to speed things up a bit. We understand that when it is time to sell jewelry, time is important. You need the money and you need it now.

EngagementFormImageIf you are worried that the item is too large or expensive and we will not make a fair offer, please give us a chance to prove you wrong. We can handle any diamond or precious gem and no matter if it is in a ring, watch, necklace or ANY special setting, prepared to be shocked at what we offer. It will be higher than you expect because we want you to always use our firm and tell all your friends that you made out selling jewelry to Revere.